Whisper is Lauren Towers’s Hanoverian X Thoroughbred mare at Canterwood Crest Academy. Lauren first received Whisper as a gift from her parents when she was first accepted to CCA. Whisper is light gray with a pink and black snip on her muzzle. She is explained as tall at an estimated 16-16.2 hh. Whisper is green at only 4 years old when Lauren first gets her, but ages to 5 by the time Lauren and Whisper arrive at CCA. Whisper is friends with Lexa Reed and Khloe Kinsella’s mares, Honor and Ever, and seems to have a ”crush” on Drew Adam’s gelding, Polo. She has long, curly eyelashes and warm brown eyes, and excels best at dressage.

Trivia: Whisper is first said to be a Dutch Warmblood X Thoroughbred in ”Chosen: A Canterwood Crest Superspecial,” but throughout the rest of the series is described as a Hanoverian X Thoroughbred cross. This is most likely a series blooper.

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