Sooooo Me and KK decide to have a page of our own!!!!! As besties and roommates!!!!!! We just wanted to telll you all that!!!!! -LT

YAY!!!!!!!!!! LT finally gave in to me making a page for the both of us!!!!!!!! SO YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! -KK


First of all I am totally in love with Whisper she is the sweetest horse ever and I am so happy I found her! We both need a little work but soon I'm pretty sure that we will be as good as many other people who have been working with their horses for a long time!!! We might even make the advanced team next term, we will be taking your spot KK!!!!!! -LT


K so LT like didn't leave me any room for me to talk about Ever!!! It might have been a good thing else i would be typing for hours!!!!!!!!!! But i still wanting to talk about my baby Ever!!! :( But I get to talk about acting!!!!!!!!! :)))))))) I love acting and I dream of being on Brodway some day! So get my autograph now! Anyway I hope you all saw me perform as Belle at our school play!!!!!!!! If you did Thank you so much! Especially thank you to LT who came to every show!!!! anyway GTG!!!! -KK

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