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Sasha Silver is an advanced equestrian student riding for Canterwood Crest Academy. She owns a chestnut gelding named Charm, which she owns prior to arriving at Canterwood Crest Academy in her first appearance.

Sasha is introduced as a new student at Canterwood Crest Academy, enrolling mainly for the academy's acclaimed riding program. Through training and seasonal competition, she rises through the ranks of the school's different leveled riding classes, due to her hard work despite the many effects her ever-changing social life have on her life as a competitor. She is currently on the Youth Equestrian National Team (commonly characterized as YENT) as of her last appearance, alongside Heather Fox, Brit Chan, and Callie Harper.

She is extremely passionate about horses and her priorities revolve around the care of horses, her beloved friendships, and performing well but fairly in horse riding competitions. She is known to be a kind individual who cares about doing right by her friends and avoiding rule-breaking but has had issues with lying to keep her friends happy in the past, which realistically did the opposite, despite her original intentions. Overall, she has good intentions and is rarely selfish.

Most of her troubles in the series revolve around a trivial love triangle and her rivalry with the Trio.

Some of her interests include riding, planning events, makeup (her favorite brand that is commonly referenced in the series is Lip Smacker, a popular youth-centered lipstick brand in real life), and it is speculated that her favorite holiday is either Halloween or Christmas.

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She has green eyes, normally tanned white skin, and light brown hair that goes just below her shoulders. She is portrayed by a model on the various book covers of the series, as seen in the character infobox above.

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Sasha has had romantic relationships with two boys within the series, one of which she breaks up with initially before returning to in the later books.

Sasha meets a boy named Jacob Schwartz in her first book appearance, and after a small while, they become a couple. Jacob is characterized as a handsome track runner at the academy, who is, ironically, afraid of horses. An incident in the book Chasing Blue, where Heather Fox, Sasha’s then arch-nemesis, tricks Sasha into thinking Jacob is cheating on her with Heather, creates a rift between the couple and even leads to the breakup of Sasha's relationship as well as the fallout between her and her best friend Callie Harper. Callie then becomes Jacob's girlfriend.

After a while, Sasha starts going out with Eric Rodriguez, who is an equestrian, like her. Additionally, Eric is described as extremely kind and level-headed, which leads to a personality clash with Jacob, who is much more hot-headed in their unpleasant conversations (quite often regarding Sasha) and self-entitled. Overall, Sasha and Eric are a seemingly lovely couple until the book Little White Lies, when Eric starts to think Sasha still harbors feelings for Jacob because of an incident where he sees Sasha with her hands on the other boy's chest, seemingly as though she were going to kiss him. Additionally, in the previous book, Jacob had even asked to take Sasha back, unbeknownst to Callie, who is still Jacob's then-girlfriend. Sasha‘s relationship with Eric ends after all of this.

After her breakup with Eric, Sasha got back together with Jacob and revived her friendships that were severely hurt in Little White Lies, though it took a while.

On a general matter regarding Sasha's relationships with others, Sasha has had a collection of friends that fluctuates throughout the series. Her best friends are Callie Harper, Paige Parker, and Brit Chan as of her last appearance, but there have been issues shared between said friends and Sasha during different books (notably Callie Harper, who even hated her for a time from Little White Lies to Unfriendly Competition). Callie is in the riding program of the academy alongside Sasha. Paige is her first roommate in the series, who is a cooking enthusiast and a lively girl from Manhatten. Brit is her second roommate, introduced in later books, who is also in the riding program.

Although Sasha previously had a strong rivalry with Heather Fox, Alison Robb, and Julia Myer (commonly characterized as the 'Trio' in the series), they eventually settle their differences and become fair friends by the end of the first set of books revolving around Sasha Silver's story arc, though Alison and Heather are the only ones to keep this relationship.

Because of Julia's suspicion towards Sasha as a potential rival for a second time (despite a slowly-worked-toward friendship), the Trio member starts Sasha and Co, a blog where Julia anonymously attacks Sasha and her inner circle of friends through harassment and cyber-bullying tactics. Once discovered as the culprit, Julia loses her friends and is expelled from the academy.

Book Appearances Edit

Canterwood Crest #1: Take the Reins

Canterwood Crest #2: Chasing Blue

Canterwood Crest #3: Behind the Bit

Canterwood Crest #4: Triple Fault

Canterwood Crest #5: Best Enemies

Canterwood Crest #6: Little White Lies

Canterwood Crest #7: Rival Revenge

Canterwood Crest #8: Home Sweet Drama

Canterwood Crest #9: City Secrets

Canterwood Crest #10: Elite Ambition

Canterwood Crest #11: Scandals, Rumors, Lies

Canterwood Crest #12: Unfriendly Competition

Canterwood Crest Super Special #2: Home For Christmas

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