Sasha Silver Edit

Sasha Silver is an advanced equestrian student riding for Canterwood Crest Academy. She owns a chestnut Thoroughbred X Belgian Warmblood gelding named Charm. Sasha is on the YENT (Youth Equestrian National Team) along with Heather Fox, Brit Chan, and Callie Harper. Sasha has green eyes, tan skin, and light brown hair that goes just below her shoulders. She is extremely passionate about horses, and her best friends are Callie Harper, Paige Parker, and Brit Chan. Paige Parker is her roommate, though she doesn’t ride like Sasha, Brit, and Callie. Sasha’s first book appearance was Take The Reins, Canterwood Crest, book 1, and all of her appearances include Take The Reins, Chasing Blue, Behind The Bit, Triple Fault, Best Enemies, Little White Lies, Rival Revenge, Home Sweet Drama, City Secrets, Elite Ambition, Scandals, Rumours, Lies, (One book, not three separate ones) and Unfriendly Competition. She also makes several appearances in Home For Christmas, where both Sasha and other main protagonist of the series, Lauren Towers, star. Sasha is currently dating Jacob Schwartz, student at Canterwood Crest Academy, and was formerly dating Eric Rodriguez, an equestrian student riding for Canterwood Crest, like Sasha.

Relationships Edit

She has a crush on Jacob in the first book and eventually they become a couple. After the incident in Chasing Blue, where Heather Fox, Sasha’s arch-nemisis, tricks Sasha into thinking Jacob is cheating on her with Heather, Callie becomes Jacob's girlfriend after the two both have fallouts with Sasha. After a while, she starts going out with Eric Rodriguez, who is an equestrian, like her. They are a great couple until "Little White Lies" when Eric thinks Sasha still likes Jacob because it looked like she was about to kiss him when her hands were on Jacob's chest.(Jacobb actually just finished kissing Sasha! OMG) Sasha‘s relationship with Eric ends.

Sasha is best friends with Callie Harper and Paige Parker, (her ex-roommate). Brit Chan is her new roommate later in the CCA books. Although she has a strong rivalry with the trio; Heather Fox, Alison Robb and Julia Myer. However they eventually get along and become fair friends in the end of the series.

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