Rival Revenge is the seventh book in the Canterwood Crest series. It features Trix, Julia, and Alison on the

Rival Revenge
Rival Revenge low res
Author: Jessica Burkhart
Publicist Company: Simon & Schuster Aladdin MIX
Publish Date: January 26, 2010
Identification: 1416990399
Editions: Paperback
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Preceded By: Little White Lies
Succeeded By: Home Sweet Drama

cover and Jasmine on the back.

The BookjacketEdit

The BlurbEdit

And you thought they were out of the running...

The truth is out about whether or not Julia and Alison really cheated on the exam.

Now they're back, and this time there just not in it to win it- they're out for revenge.

A dish definitely best served cold.

Detailed Plot SummaryEdit

Julia and Alison didn't cheat on their history exam. Sasha caught Jasmine on tape, confessing to framing Julia and Alison for cheating. Now they aren't just in it to win it- they want revenge.

And they're going to serve it how it's served best-cold. It is a great book and its definetly deserves your attention.


Heather: If you're gonna pass out, at least aim for the grass and not the sidewalk. I'm not catching you.
Sasha: Deal.

heather: hey

sasha: hey

heather: want it go for a ride with me?

sasha: WITH you!?

heather: yes

sasha: only if i won't die

Lee is awesome

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