Lauren Towers is the new girl at Canterwood. She comes from Union, Connecticut, just like Sasha Silver. She had a huge riding accident which changed her life but still continued to ride horses because she loves them.


Lauren comes from a pretty wealthy family. She lives in a nice house- her mother is a lawyer and her step father is an author. She has two older sisters, Charlotte and Becca. She has a horse named Whisper, a cross between a Thoroughbred and an Hanoverian.


Lauren's friends are Ana, Brielle,Taylor (ex-boyfriend but still close friend), Khloe, Clare, Lexa, Carina, Zack (Kloe's boyfreind), Garett, Cole and Drew (Lauren's current boyfreind).


Lauren is kind, funny, organized, hardworking, and determined. Like Heather Fox, she works for everything that she gets and will not stop until she achieves her goal. She doesn't go to drastic measures like Heather does, but she is incredibly hardworking and can be hard to beat. Lauren is truly a great person because she has a passion for horses and riding, and although she took a wrong turn during her big accident, she dusted herself off and climbed right back in the saddle!! ūüėä

Lauren Towers, nicknamed "LT" by Khloe Kinsella, is the main character in the second Canterwood Crest series. She starts off her journey in the equestrian world as an A-circuit rider, with a national title in dressage. After her accident in Red Oak, she takes a break from riding and starts all over again at Briar Creek, the same stable where the legendary Sasha Silver trained in Union. She decides that this time, she will ride horses "as an equestrian, not a ribbon-collector". She does not compete once at BC. Edit

Kim, her riding coach, suggests that she applies to CCA. She practices hard all summer, and makes it in! She learns to face the challenges of having long-distance relationships with all her friends at Union, and believes she will be successful with a fresh new start as "Lauren 2.0" at CCA. Edit

LT enjoys riding with her beloved horse Whisper, whom she found in the book "Chosen." Known by all her friends to have a love for fashion, she enjoys her fashion elective with Ms. Snow. She is "besties" and "roomies" with Khloe Kinsella. The two of them share a love for riding at Canterwood. She is always ready for a challenge, even after her riding accident on Skyblue in Red Oak. She loves the color sky blue, and is delighted to find that it matches perfectly with Khloe's favourite color, yellow!  She also loves decorating and is a "neat freak." She may be a girly girl with style icons such as Audrey Hepburn, but is confident around guys and likes things such as dares and camping. Lauren is dating Drew Adams.Edit