Lauren Towers is a 12 year old girl attending Canterwood Crest Academy. After her riding accident on a school horse Skyblue on a cross country course at a Red Oak Trials, Lauren took a break from riding. Years later, her family moved from Brooklyn, NYC, to Union, Connecticut. There, she received a new instructor, Kim. Alike Sasha Silver’s story, Kim trained Lauren before urging her to apply to CCA. After a few months of waiting, Lauren was accepted to the prestigious east coast boarding school. Lauren is friends with Khloe Kinsella, Clare Bryant, Lexa Reed, and Cole Harris, as well as Lexa’s roommate, Jill. Her horse is a light gray Thoroughbred X Hanoverian cross mare named Whisper, or “Wisp.” She is in 7th grade and on the CCA intermediate riding team.Edit

Life Before Canterwood:

Lauren Towers was born in Syracuse, New York. She rode her first pony at a birthday party—immediately falling in love with horses and riding. Lauren begged her parents to take lessons, and luckily for Lauren, they caved. Lauren started taking lessons, quickly moving from beginner level to showing regularly. Lauren’s mom, a lawyer, was always tied down in Syracuse, so Lauren’s dad, an author, traveled regularly with Lauren as she began her eventing career. Lauren went from showing once every few months, to once a month, to once every other week, to every week, to every free second she had. If Lauren wasn’t showing, she was training. If she wasn’t training, she was showing. Lauren rode for all of the best stables in the country until her fall at Red Oak Horse Trials. Lauren had been riding a gray eventing gelding, Skyblue, for Double Aces stables, when Skyblue refused the very last jump on the cross country course. Lauren soared over Skyblue’s head without him—and from that moment Lauren’s life had changed. Her accident had scared her, shaken her, kept her from horses for so long. Her parents moved from Syracuse to Brooklyn for a new start for Lauren. She slowly recovered, and eventually, her parents moved AGAIN from Brooklyn to Union, Connecticut, where Lauren’s life changed. She made the big decision to take up riding again, and she began riding again at Briar Creek Stables, just like Sasha Silver had before her journey to Canterwood. Lauren quickly befriended Brielle Monaco and Ana (last name not mentioned in series) and started dating Taylor Frost. Lauren trained on a bay mare named Cricket, her instructor, Kim, helping her the whole way. Lauren’s fear of horses faded—she was ready to take up showing again. Kim urged Lauren to apply for Canterwood Crest Academy, and months later, she got in. Hens, Lauren’s journey to Canterwood Crest.

Finding Whisper:

Lauren had been shocked when her parents gave her the wonderful opportunity to have her own horse to take to CCA. On a Monday (As explained in Chosen, a Canterwood Crest Special) Lauren and her father began the search. Lauren tried a plain, nothing-to-see-here gelding and a over-fiery mare, none of them being the right fit. That Thursday, Lauren and her dad went back to the same farm in hopes that the owner had prepared new horses for Lauren to try. There were too horses to try—a gelding and a mare again. Unfortunately, the gelding had gone lame and was unavailable for Lauren to try. Instead, Lauren tried out the mare. The Thoroughbred X Hanoverian cross had been perfect for Lauren—calm, not too calm—fiery, not too fiery. Lauren and the mare had instantly bonded, and from that day on, Lauren and the mare, whom she ended up naming herself—Whisper—were bound for CCA.

Life at Canterwood:

Lauren arrived at Canterwood in the fall. She became insta-BFFLs with Khloe Kinsella, and soon after, Lexa Reed and Cole Harris. Lauren was placed on the intermediate riding team with Whisper with Lexa Reed, Cole Harris, Riley Edwards, Clare Bryant, and Drew Adams. Lauren formed an instant crush on Drew, Drew seemingly forming a quick crush on Lauren, as well. Unfortunately, Lauren didn’t get so lucky with Riley Edwards and Clare Bryant as she did with Drew and her friends. Riley turned out to be the Queen Bee of the grade, with the rude attitude to go along with it. Clare Bryant and Lauren’s roommate, Khloe Kinsella, were best friends, but Riley seemed to place a barrier between them. Clare was friendly to Lauren, but nothing more. On the other hand, after Riley’s sudden departure from Canterwood Crest Academy when she got an acting role in NYC (Much to actress Khloe Kinsella’s dismay) Clare became less closed off and more confident in herself. As a result, she became friends with Lauren, and the rest of Lauren and Khloe’s friends. Later on, she joined Lauren’s birthday squad when Lauren’s Halloween birthday came along. Much to everyone’s shock, Lauren’s ex-boyfriend from Union applied to Canterwood, unbeknownst to Lauren, and surprised her by kissing her at her birthday. After much explanation to Drew, who Lauren was going out with, Lauren convinced Drew that she had no feelings for Taylor—which was the truth. Drew believed Lauren and the two started going out more frequently, eventually sharing their first kiss in the pool during a Drew-to-Lauren swimming lesson. Lauren later befriended transfer student Carina Johansson, and made the advanced riding team with Khloe. Lauren, by the end of the series, is friends with Lexa Reed, Khloe Kinsella, Cole Harris, Clare Bryant, and Lexa’s roommate, Jill—Lauren is still dating Drew Adams—and she has made the advanced team.

Friends: Lexa Reed, Khloe Kinsella, Cole Harris, Clare Bryant.

Enemies: Riley Edwards, Peyton Carter

Relationships: Drew Adams (Boyfriend) Taylor Frost (Ex-boyfriend)

Appearance: Long, brown hair, blue eyes, ivory skin, and freckles.

Personality: Lauren Towers is a calm, confident girl who enjoys tea, friendship, and French. She is always calm, cool, and collected, and always willing to take on a new challenge.

Nicknames: Laur, LT, LaurBell.

Favorite color: Blue

Favorite food/beverage: Tea

Favorite riding discipline: Dressage

First book appearance: Unfriendly Competition

First book appearance as main character: Initiation

All book appearances: Chosen, Initiation, Popular, Comeback, Masquerade, Jealousy, Famous, Home For Christmas.

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