Khloe Kinsella is a 12-year-old girl who lives at CCA, since 6th grade and is in the 7th grade. She has her own horse, a big bay Hanoverian mare named Ever. Khole is known as a dressage star, and she and Ever have a strong bond. She rooms with the amazing Lauren Towers. Khloe loves acting, riding, and her boyfriend, Zack. She is in the drama program at Canterwood, and has starred as Belle in the play Beauty and the Beast. Khole has an ongoing rivalry with Riley Edwards, especially over Clare, acting, or riding. Khloe is unorganized and a great person. She's crazy and wild but knows when to calm down. She's Lauren's BFF. She is very supporting and friendly to Lauren.

Appearance: Edit

She is described as a pretty girl with tanned skin and long blond hair in beachy waves that surround her shoulders; has a Californian look even though she's from Boston. Is Lauren's height and has warm, twinkling brown eyes, pearly pink lips and tiny wrists.

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