When Sasha Silver first comes to Canterwood Crest, Julia (along with Alison and Heather) tries to make her life miserable. Julia is usually seen as Heather's sidekick and one-third of the Trio.

In Unfriendly Competition, Julia is revealed as the blogger of Sasha and Co.

Personality Edit

Julia is often jealous of other people, and has trust-issues. Out of the Trio, Julia is the hardest to befriend due to her distrusting nature. She, like Heather, likes revenge. Julia won't ever settle for second place- in and out of the arena.

Julia, despite her personality, cares a lot about her mare, Trix.

Relationships Edit

Heather Fox Edit

Julia often follows Heather, but the two can sometimes get in an argument, particularly when the subject involves or is on Sasha or Brit. Even though she and heather are 'best friends', Julia doesn't seem to like Heather, as she sees Heather as her no. 1 competition, both socially and in the arena. She also doesn’t like how Heather has become friends with Sasha and then the results in her creating the Sasha and Co.

Alison Robb Edit

Julia can be seen as another version of Heather to Alison. Alison makes friends easier than Julia, which Julia doesn't seem to like, especially when it comes to Brit. She also is friendly to Sasha and they actually end up friends which makes Julia probably more worried.

Sasha Silver Edit

Because of Heather's reaction to Sasha, Julia hates Sasha at first. In Rival Revenge, Julia starts to thaw towards Sasha because Sasha had helped her and Alison. She also starts to be more friendly toward Sasha later on, and even shows displeasure when Sasha starts to become closer to Brit. However, this friendship is short-lived because Julia starts to become worried about Sasha becoming her rival, thus making the blog Sasha and Co.

Jasmine King Edit

Because of what Jasmine has done to Heather and CCA riding team, Julia hates her, arguably even more than she dislikes Brit. After Sasha gives them the evidence they need to prove their innocence in Rival Revenge, Julia and Alison get Jasmine expelled from CCA.

Brit Chan Edit

Much to Julia's dismay, Brit becomes close friends with Heather, Alison, and Sasha. For unknown reasons, Julia doesn't trust Brit. But this is most likely because Julia doesn't make friends easily.

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