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Julia Myer is a wary, yet vengeful and ruthless individual with very outward trust issues regarding those outside of her current friend group and clique, the Trio. She is the hardest to befriend due to this distrusting nature of hers, and her other traits mirror that of Heather Fox, the Trio's leader, to whom she seems like both a sidekick in their early antics of antagonizing Sasha Silver, the then-new student of Canterwood Crest Academy, and a secret rival. Also like Heather, she is highly competitive, and dangerously so.

But despite her overall personality, she cares a lot about her mare, Trix, and loves to ride like everyone else in the academy's riding program, in which she is enrolled.

Her insecurities revolving around seeing Sasha Silver as a potential rival, as well as someone who aims to take Heather away from her as a friend, leads to her becoming an anonymous blogger who creates Sasha and Co, a blog centered around severely hurting Sasha and additionally, her inner friend circle. The event results in her expulsion from Canterwood Crest Academy.

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She has brown eyes, normally pale white skin, and blonde hair that ends at her shoulders. She is portrayed by a model on the various book covers of the series, as seen in the character infobox above.

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Julia's relationship with her fellow Trio members, Heather Fox and Alison Robb, differ drastically. Though she is outwardly seen as an 'evil sidekick' of Heather by other characters in the book (or simply 'another Heather' by Alison), it clear that Julia sees Heather as less of a friend and more of a person who gives her positive attention and is also her 'main competition,' or an obstacle to be taken down in a rival-like manner so that Julia herself can be seen as the 'number one rider' in the school. Julia was friendlier to Alison, who is a kinder individual that she didn't seem to see as competition, and it can be speculated whether or not Julia truly cared for her or simply loved the positive attention she was given by the other girl before her expulsion from campus.

In the past, Julia had a boyfriend named Ben, who goes to Canterwood Crest Academy and is first introduced as an intermediate rider in the riding program. According to Sasha in Take the Reins, "Ben had been Julia's boyfriend until he started dating Heather. Heather had broken up with him [since], but I don't know if Ben and Julia are back together or not."

Because of Heather's reaction to Sasha Silver arriving as 'new competition,' Julia hates the new student at first. In the book Rival Revenge, Julia starts to thaw towards Sasha because the girl had helped her and Alison, and showed herself to be a good person as opposed to a rival she had. Julia warms up to her even more in later books, and even shows displeasure when Sasha starts to become closer to Brit Chan, who she fears is someone that will 'take her friends.'

However, this friendship that Julia had slowly built with Sasha is short-lived because of the girl's insecurities, which lead her to believe in Sasha as a potential rival once again and create the friendship-severing Sasha and Co blog that additionally ruin her other friendships and get her expelled.

Another negative relationship of Julia's, similar in nature to the relationship she had with Sasha, is the one she shared with Jasmine King, a transfer student introduced in later books in the series that aimed to 'take down' both the Trio and Sasha Silver. Julia harbors a hatred for her that only grows when Jasmine sets up her and Alison as exam cheaters, leading to their temporary ban from the academy's riding program. When Sasha reveals that Jasmine set up their cheating scandal to save the girls from leaving the riding team forever in the book Rival Revenge (much prior to the Sasha and Co incident), Julia only hates Jasmine more and is glad that this ends with Jasmine being expelled and her riding team membership restored.

Much to Julia's dismay (prior to the Sasha and Co incident), Brit Chan, a new student, becomes close friends with Heather, Alison, and Sasha. For unknown reasons, Julia doesn't trust Brit. This is most likely due to Julia's trust issues regarding new people.

Book Appearances Edit

Canterwood Crest #1: Take the Reins

Canterwood Crest #2: Chasing Blue

Canterwood Crest #3: Behind the Bit

Canterwood Crest #4: Triple Fault

Canterwood Crest #5: Best Enemies

Canterwood Crest #6: Little White Lies

Canterwood Crest #7: Rival Revenge

Canterwood Crest #8: Home Sweet Drama

Canterwood Crest #9: City Secrets

Canterwood Crest #10: Elite Ambition

Canterwood Crest #11: Scandals, Rumors, Lies

Canterwood Crest #12: Unfriendly Competition

Canterwood Crest Super Special #2: Home For Christmas

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