Heather Fox is the It Girl of Canterwood Crest. She has it all - money, friends, and amazing talent. She is the unchallenged leader of the Trio. To her, riding is the only thing that matters but keeps her grades good to maintain her spot on YENT. She is currently dating Troy and is good friends with Sasha Silver.

looks: blonde hair, icy blue eyes, slightly tanned skin, willowy

Personality Edit

Heather is determined, intimidating, and insanely driven. If she wants something, she'll take it, no matter what the cost is. She is also smart, but because she doesn't focus as much on her work as she should.


Heather comes from a wealthy family, but her family members themselves are not so perfect. Her father doesn't care what she does- as long as she comes back with first place. Her mother is arrogant and pushy, and demands that her daughter be the best at everything. This is why she is always trying to be the top girl and is pushing herself far. Maybe too far Her brother is said to be the youngest student ever to be accepted into Stanford Law.

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