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Heather Fox is a wealthy and powerful student enrolled at Canterwood Crest Academy with her chestnut gelding, who is ironically named Aristocrat. She is mostly known for being the leader of the since-reduced Trio, having been the rival of Sasha Silver for most of the books she appeared in, and being generally intimidating to all who have ever met her.

She is currently on the Youth Equestrian National Team (commonly characterized as YENT) as of her last appearance, alongside Sasha Silver, Brit Chan, and Callie Harper. She is a highly competitive rider in addition to this high title and fiercely dedicated to keeping her spot on the YENT as well as striving to have good grades at her academy, something she feels she must always strive for due to how she was raised, although it is noticeable in many books that despite being very smart, she clearly puts her riding above her studies.

Along with her superb riding talent, Heather has been characterized as determined, vengeful, snobbish in some books, and hard on those who either go against her or seemingly get in her way of achieving her goals. She has been dubbed the 'Queen Bee' of her academy in some instances but has since cut back on her harsher ways to maintain a friendship with some of those that she used to be rivals with or otherwise hated.

Sometimes, despite her fierceness in both her social and riding life, she is shown to have certain weaknesses, such as her shyness towards boys, or more specifically her crush-turned-boyfriend, Troy.

It is speculated that her cold nature and 'hardened shell' can be blamed on how she is treated by her family in the strict household she was raised in. Her parents emotionally (and literally) neglect her and constantly push her to strive for high titles and grades, and additionally have unlikeable traits that Heather seemed to have adopted in earlier books of the series.

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She has blue eyes, lightly tanned white skin, and long blonde hair. She is portrayed by a model on the various book covers of the series, as seen in the character infobox above.

In the books, she is known to be 'willowy,' or tall and slim. Her eyes are also characterized as 'icy,' due to both the blue color and her personality.

Relationships Edit

Heather comes from a wealthy family of two parents (Mrs. Fox and Mr. Fox) and a brother, but her relationship with them is neglected and broken. Her father shows no care for his daughter's whereabouts, even in the big city of New York, where they live. Heather's mother is arrogant, pushy, and the most demanding of her daughter in terms of making sure she is 'the best at everything.' Her brother is said to be 'the youngest student ever to be accepted into Stanford Law,' and they hardly ever speak.

At Canterwood, Heather is the best friend of Alison Robb, good friends with Sasha Silver after a long history of rivalry, and the former best friend of Julia Myer, who betrayed her trust after the Sasha and Co blogging incident that caused Julia's expulsion and loss of friends.

Heather, after gaining some courage in the area of dating after a while of being single, gained a boyfriend in Troy, an intermediate rider at Canterwood Crest Academy. She has pretended to be interested to a boy in the past to get at Sasha during their rivalry days, which took no courage to do, as it was a fake interest. Further in the past, she had a boyfriend named Ben, who still goes to Canterwood Crest Academy and is first introduced as an intermediate rider in the riding program. According to Sasha in Take the Reins, "Ben had been Julia's boyfriend until he started dating Heather. Heather had broken up with him [since], but I don't know if Ben and Julia are back together or not."

Some rivals (besides Sasha) that Heather has had include Jasmine King, who tried to take her 'It girl' title in the riding arena, steal the girl's spot in the YENT team, and expel the rest of Heather's then-Trio for the same ambitious reason. Luckily, this expelling scandal led to her own expulsion for framing Julia and Alison at cheating on an exam.

Book Appearances Edit

Canterwood Crest #1: Take the Reins

Canterwood Crest #2: Chasing Blue

Canterwood Crest #3: Behind the Bit

Canterwood Crest #4: Triple Fault

Canterwood Crest #5: Best Enemies

Canterwood Crest #6: Little White Lies

Canterwood Crest #7: Rival Revenge

Canterwood Crest #8: Home Sweet Drama

Canterwood Crest #9: City Secrets

Canterwood Crest #10: Elite Ambition

Canterwood Crest #11: Scandals, Rumors, Lies

Canterwood Crest #12: Unfriendly Competition

Canterwood Crest Super Special #2: Home For Christmas

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