Chasing Blue is the second book in the Canterwood Crest series. The cover features Sasha and Heather. The back cover shows the blurb and Julia.

Chasing Blue
Chasing Blue final hi-res cover
Author: Jessica Burkhart
Publicist Company: Simon & Schuster Aladdin MIX
Publish Date: March 24, 2009
Identification: 141695841X
Editions: Paperback
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The BookjacketEdit

The BlurbEdit

Home (Bitter) Sweet Home

Now that Sasha Silver and her horse, Charm, have proven that they're worthy competitors for the Canterwood Crest equestrian team, Sasha's psyched to get back to school...until self-proclaimed It girl, Queen Bee, and owner of the I'm-so-way-better-than-you-are attitude, Heather Fox, is assigned as Sasha's riding partner.

Not. Good.

And when Heather starts spending a little too much QT with Sasha's almost-boyfriend, Jacob, the partnership is put to the ultimate test.


The book starts out with Sasha and her parents in their SUV.  It is the first day back on campus after winter break.  Sasha says goodbye to her parents and heads of to her dorm, Winchester hall.  She walks through the common room, and into her dorm that she shares with roommate and best friend Paige Parker.  They greet each other fondly.  Sasha notes that Paige is wearing indigo skinny jeans, and a camel-brown cashmere sweater, typical of Paige's Manhattan lifestyle, where Paige lives.  Sasha then recalls a text that Paige sent her, saying that she would be MIA(missing in action) until after break, seeing that her mom was stressing family time.  All her mom let her watch on TV was The History Of Christmas on PBS in two four-hour segments.  Sasha teases Paige about her Southampton Socialites DVDs, saying that Paige may have to bake her a batch of Paige's famous chocolate chip cookies in order to acquire the DVDs.  Paige is an aspiring cook, and often auditions for TV cooking show jobs.  Her dream job is to host The food network for kids.  Sasha then gives Paige the DVDs and gets ready to leave, as she had planned to race with Callie . After Sasha went out to ride with Callie, she spotted the trio, and asked Callie why she invited them, and Callie said that they should each together since they are one team. They all started the race, then Callie used a trick to catch up with all the racers. While Sasha focused on beating Heather, Callie stormed with jack in front of them, Callie won.

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