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|May 3, 2011 = <span style="line-height:100%; font-size:150%; color:000">'''Don't forget-<br>Darke is released
|May 3, 2011 = <span style="line-height:100%; font-size:150%; color:000">'''Don't forget-<br>Darke is released
|#default = <span style="line-height:120%; font-family:times new roman; font-size:450%; color:#FF0000">'''{{#expr: ({{ #time: U |May 3, 2011}} - {{ #time: U }})/76400 round 0}}'''</span><br><span style="line-height:100%; font-size:150%; color:000">'''more days until [[File:CHOSENlowres1.jpg|link=Chosen]] <br> is published!!'''</span><br />
|#default = <span style="line-height:120%; font-family:times new roman; font-size:450%; color:#FF0000">'''Omigod!'''</span><br><span style="line-height:100%; font-size:150%; color:000">'''Omigod! [[File:CHOSENlowres1.jpg|link=Chosen]] <br> has been released!!'''</span><br />

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Don't Forget...

Omigod! CHOSENlowres1
has been released!!

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Sasha Silver is the main character of the Canterwood Crest series. She loves lip gloss and sparkly pink things. She's a talented rider on the YENT team, and her horse is Charm. Sasha has serious boy problems with Jacob Schwartz and Eric Rodriguez. Sasha is brave and determined, and willing to ruin her relationships for the happiness of one person. She is also surprisingly friends with Heather Fox and the Trio. Check out her full article to see more!

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