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Canterwood Crest Series
Canterwood Crest Series
Author: Jessica Burkhart
Publicist Company: Simon & Schuster Aladdin MIX
Cover Artist: Monica Stevenson
Country: United States
Language: English
Books: Take the Reins
Chasing Blue
Behind the Bit
Triple Fault
Best Enemies
Little White Lies
Rival Revenge
Home Sweet Drama
City Secrets
Elite Ambition
Scandals, Rumors, and Lies
Unfriendly Competition

Canterwood Crest is a series of pre-teen novels written by American author Jessica Burkhart, premiering with the 2009 book Take the Reins. The series follows young student Sasha Silver as she enters Canterwood Crest Academy, an elite school housing highly competitive equestrian riders. While attending Canterwood, Sasha encounters a disparate collection of students, including the snobbish team captain Heather Fox, and an eventual boyfriend named Jacob Schwartz. As events transpire, the team members attempt to work together amidst a slew of personality clashes and romantic conflicts. The series introduced a new main character during the first Super Special edition, Chosen. She is named Lauren Towers, and the book centers around her arrival at the academy. Every book published afterwards has centered around her point of view. The entire series is known for its drama, cliff-hangers, and friendships.


Sasha Silver

A gifted horseback rider, Sasha begins attending Canterwood during Take the Reins, accompanied by her horse, Charm. Her intent early on is to join the school's equestrian team. However, this is initially met with resentment from the popular Trio. She becomes fast friends with a fellow rider named Callie and school friend, Paige. She crushes on Jacob, but soon after she meets Eric, creating the main love triangle within the series. Surprisingly, Sasha becomes good friends with Alison and Heather by the end of the series and her relationship status concludes, entirely drama-free, with Jacob as her boyfriend.

Callie Harper

A highly driven and athletic student, Callie is one of Sasha's best friends. She and her horse, Black Jack, specialize in dressage. At first, Callie doesn't have any interest in boys, but later starts to date Jacob, but Sasha didn't know. After, Jacob and Sasha break up and Eric becomes Sasha's boyfriend instead. After she finds out about Sasha and Jacob's kiss though, she gets mad and she and Sasha weren't best friends anymore. Jacob remains her boyfriend, but they break up after Jacob confesses about his love for Sasha. Near the end of Unfriendly Competition, she and Sasha start to talk to each other again.

Paige Parker

Paige is Sasha's former roommate and the current host of Teen Cuisine on the Food Network for Kids. Before Sasha and Paige's fight, Sasha would always test out Paige's new sweets and goods, such as chocolates. She and Sasha met in New York City in City Secrets, but didn't talk to each other.

Heather Fox

Heather is one of the main characters in the series, and is first shown as a mean girl and leader of the Trio. However, she becomes nicer after she and Sasha take a trip to her hometown, New York City in City Secrets. Her horse is Aristocrat.

Jacob Schwartz

Sasha's first love interest, Jacob. He starts liking Sasha just a few seconds after they met and their relationship goes on from there. After Sasha and Jacob are together, Sasha meets Eric but is unaware that he likes him. In Behind the Bit, Callie and Jacob start dating, and he and Sasha break up. Later in the series, he confesses to Sasha that he still loves her, and they become a couple again soon. He and Eric don't like each other.

Eric Rodriguez

Eric is a supporting character in Canterwood Crest. He and Sasha are boyfriend-girlfriend for a period of time, and they share a few kisses throughout the series. However, they break up after Eric witnesses Jacob kissing Sasha, and believes that Sasha started the kiss. Presumably, he and Rachel becomes his girlfriend after. Eric rides a school horse, Luna.


Burkhart was inspired by a combination of equestrian experience during her youth and a fondness for writing as she grew older. After much of her freelance work was published by numerous magazines, she entered 2006's National Novel Writing Month and completed a first draft of Take the Reins. In January 2007, a literary agent offered to read the story after viewing the author's blog. Burkhart was later signed by the agent, which eventually led to a four-book deal with Simon & Schuster.

While promoting the first novel, Burkhart maintained an online presence throughout 2008, which consisted of blogging and vlogging with regard to the production of her work and the publishing process. In April, the author reported that photoshoots for her covers had been set in motion. By September, Burkhart had received an advance reader copy of Take the Reins while working on the subsequent novels.

In December, it was announced that an additional four novels would gradually follow the fourth book, Triple Fault. Later in the month, an online video trailer for Take the Reins was released, featuring photos of scenery and the character models. Trailers for other releases followed.

Book Releases[]

Take the Reins (Book 1)

Sasha Silver arrives on the campus of the elite Canterwood Crest Academy, where she becomes determined to prove that she belongs on the advanced riding team. She is faced with a competitive group of girls known as the Trio, befriends another rider named Callie (as well as her lively roommate), and takes a romantic interest in a boy named Jacob.

Chasing Blue (Book 2)

After earning a spot on the school's equestrian team, Sasha discovers that Trio leader Heather has also taken an interest in Jacob, and a new boy, Eric, crushes on Sasha.

Behind the Bit (Book 3)

During midwinter break, Sasha is invited to attend an exclusive equestrian clinic, where various clashes ensue.

Triple Fault (Book 4)

Sasha deals with Callie's and Jacob's betrayal. At the same time, a highly competitive new girl arrives.

Best Enemies (Book 5)

The growing competition between Peyton and Dasha rises, with Madison ending up in the middle, while mystery guy is acting strange.

Little White Lies (Book 6)

Madison is faced with ethical decisions in order to keep several relationships in their current state after an important secret threatens to destroy all relations.

Rival Revenge (Book 7)

Sam and Peyton seek revenge over their falsely accused sentence.

Home Sweet Drama (Book 8)

Madison is more than ready to become the new Queen Bee, and the competition between Peyton and Madison dramatically intensifies.

City Secrets (Book 9)

Madison and Peyton go on vacation in New York City, while Peyton hides a secret from Madison and more of Peyton's own problems are explored.

Elite Ambition (Book 10)

Madison has gained success and popularity at Canterwood. However, several personal challenges abound.

Scandals, Rumors, and Lies (Book 11)

An anonymous blogger has begun revealing personal information about several of the main characters.

Unfriendly Competition (Book 12)

A skilled rider from Madison's hometown arrives at Canterwood, posing a possible challenge to her on and off the course.