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Callie Harper is a student at Canterwood Crest Academy. She is enrolled in the riding program with her black gelding named Black Jack (commonly characterized as Jack).

She is currently on the Youth Equestrian National Team (commonly characterized as YENT) as of her last appearance, alongside Heather Fox, Brit Chan, and Sasha Silver.

She is known to be a very talented equestrian within the series, and her favorite riding discipline is the art of dressage. She cares deeply for riding and her horse, which is common among the other riders but shown to another extent with her and Black Jack. She is known to share the feelings of her horse in certain situations, such as pain and guilt when her horse became bruised in the book Behind the Bit and she was forced to choose another horse to practice with temporarily.

Callie is known as a very caring friend and a strong-willed girl overall, with a big heart and a love for her best friends. She has, in the past, harbored very powerful negative feelings, and handles her bad relationships or rivalries with ferocity. However, she has had a 'forgive but never forget' attitude with certain people she befriended after a temporary rivalry or fallout.

Physical AppearanceEdit

She has brown eyes, light brown skin, and long, layered dark brown hair. She is portrayed by a model on the various book covers of the series, as seen in the character infobox above.

In the books, she is described to have 'mocha-colored skin' and a casual-dress style that shifts into more feminine-wear and makeup-use during and after her having her first boyfriend, Jacob.

Relationships Edit

Callie finds a quick and lasting bond with both Sasha Silver, her fellow riding teammate, and Paige Parker, a lively girl from Manhatten.

However, her friendship with Sasha is met with hardships due to the fact that they seem to like the same boy, a track runner named Jacob. At first, Sasha becomes Jacob's girlfriend, but after a breakup between them, Callie assumes this role, which creates a rift between the two that will only grow. In the book Little White Lies, it is revealed that Jacob, though still in a relationship with Callie, has always liked Sasha and even tried to take her back, but this is hidden from her and disguised as a lie Sasha created, seemingly to protect Callie from the harsher truth of her boyfriend simply not wanting her: that Sasha 'has always been after him and didn't mind ruining their friendship to get him.' This causes Callie to hate Sasha until the lie is revealed to be just that and the two make up later in Unfriendly Competition.

Regarding Jacob, Callie starts dating him early in the series, but they split (prior to her make-up with Sasha) in the book Home Sweet Drama. Callie also used to have a crush on a Canterwood equestrian named Eric.

Throughout the series, Callie has different rivals at different times, ranging from the Trio in earlier books to Jasmine King in later ones.

Book Appearances Edit

Canterwood Crest #1: Take the Reins

Canterwood Crest #2: Chasing Blue

Canterwood Crest #3: Behind the Bit

Canterwood Crest #4: Triple Fault

Canterwood Crest #5: Best Enemies

Canterwood Crest #6: Little White Lies

Canterwood Crest #7: Rival Revenge

Canterwood Crest #8: Home Sweet Drama

Canterwood Crest #9: City Secrets

Canterwood Crest #10: Elite Ambition

Canterwood Crest #11: Scandals, Rumors, Lies

Canterwood Crest #12: Unfriendly Competition

Canterwood Crest Super Special #2: Home For Christmas

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