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Alison Robb is a member of the Trio and a student at Canterwood Crest. She owns a palomino gelding named Sunstruck. She loves to draw (mainly horses) and ride in the school's program. She is generally much friendlier and kind-hearted than her other two Trio members.

Along with being in the riding program, she is known to be a naturally good rider who is normally trying to perfect her skills. She cares deeply for her horse like most of the people enrolled at the academy who came with their own horses.

Unfortunately, Alison was apart of the set-up that made her and her fellow Trio member, Julia Myer, appear to be cheating on an important exam in Canterwood. They were temporarily kicked from their riding team until Sasha Silver exposed the real culprit behind the set-up, Jasmine King.

Physical Appearance Edit

She has brown eyes, normally tanned white skin, and brown hair that ends at her upper chest. She is portrayed by a model on the various book covers of the series, as seen in the character infobox above.

In the books, she is described with 'sandy' hair, which is presumably blonde or 'dirty blonde,' but this is revealed to be either a mistake or a far-fetched synonym for brown, as shown by her model portrayal.

Relationships Edit

She is apart of the Trio, a group involving her two best friends, Heather Fox and Julia Myer. She never has a particularly bad standing with the Trio's rival within the first few books, Sasha Silver, or any of Sasha's inner circle of friends or boyfriends, whether it be past or present.

Book Appearances Edit

Canterwood Crest #1: Take the Reins

Canterwood Crest #2: Chasing Blue

Canterwood Crest #3: Behind the Bit

Canterwood Crest #4: Triple Fault

Canterwood Crest #5: Best Enemies

Canterwood Crest #6: Little White Lies

Canterwood Crest #7: Rival Revenge

Canterwood Crest #8: Home Sweet Drama

Canterwood Crest #9: City Secrets

Canterwood Crest #10: Elite Ambition

Canterwood Crest #11: Scandals, Rumors, Lies

Canterwood Crest #12: Unfriendly Competition

Canterwood Crest Super Special #2: Home For Christmas

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